Intentional Modern Living

A new type
of home

Thoughtfully designed homes
for modern urban living

Where space is a commodity but the views are plentiful, we recognized the opportunity for innovative design. In a neglected lot along Riverside drive that flirts with Elysian Valley- affectionately known as Frogtown- and Silverlake, we saw an untapped potential with the Los Angeles homeowner in mind.

Situated near the old Red Car line that is now used as a walking path, it's an urban site in a natural context. The steep hillside provided a challenge as well as a fortuity to create multiple stories, taking advantage of the commanding view, associating with the earthy aesthetic, while assuming a very own modern shape and form.

Deviating from the cookie cutter condos and stacked apartments popping up too rapidly to be thoughtfully considered, we designed these with a deliberate respect. Employing prevailing winds and natural light, we used open floor plans to create an airy space in these small units, maximizing square footage, and preserving privacy between units.

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